Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit

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The Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit is here to make your life brighter, easier and smarter. No need to unlock your phone, just tell Siri how you want your lights and it's done. Also comes with the Nanoleaf App to allow for detailed customization. The world's most energy efficient light bulb is now controllable with your smart device, so if you're thinking of going Smart, go Smarter with Nanoleaf.

Control each bulb by name:
"Siri, turn on baby Johnny's light."
"Siri, turn off the lights in Sarah's room."

Built from the world's most energy efficient lighting technology
Nanoleaf Connected Ivy is the world's most energy efficient smart bulb
60W equivalent, uses only 7.5W

Nanoleaf Hub works with Apple HomeKit and is upgradeable to support Google Android.
Compatible with other connected smart bulbs (Phillips Hue, GE, Cree)

Smarter Kit includes:
1 Nanoleaf Hub to connect wirelessly with your phone to control the Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulbs
2 Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulbs
Cables & accessories necessary for an easy set-up



Power                                      7.5W                           
Equivalent                               60W                          
Lumens                                   800 Lm                      
Efficacy                                   >105 Lm/W                     
Color Temperature                  3000K Warm White                   
CRI                                          >80                              
Power Factor                          >0.9                            
Voltage                                    120V-240V                            
Bulb Base                                E26, E27                              
Life Span                                 27 years

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