Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.  We hope they answer some of your most common questions:

Booking an Appointment for service/repairs
Please use the link below
Please note that at this time we are experiencing a high number of service inquiries.  The system will only show you slots one week out. If you are unable to find a time slot, it means we are fully booked.  Please check again regularly as we open new appointments daily.

If you cannot find a location near you, please note we offer mail-in service

Curb-Side Pick up
If you would like to purchase curb-side please send an email to your closest jump+  with the items you want. Once ready the team will let you know they are ready for pick up.  This will greatly reduce wait times, minimize line ups and ensure our staff is ready for you. Payment can take place curb-side

Financing Options
We currently have two options: We offer financing in store with Flexiti and online through PayBright.
Here is some more information:

Gift Cards - Can they be used online?
Our system is currently unable to process gift cards. However, if you email us at [email protected] with a picture of the front and back of your card, we will issue a promo-code for the equivalent to be used online.  Please note that once issued, the promo-code will render the gift card null and void.

Inventory Availability
Inventory on our online store is linked to our warehouse in Toronto.
- In stock online: means available for order or curb-side pick up
- Order now means out of stock, but we do expect more soon 

Open Stores
Here is a list of stores that remain open and their email addresses so you can contact them directly:

Sale & Open Box Items
We have three tips of sale items as follows:
  1.) End of line items are discounted to clear. They are all new and come with the standard Apple limited 1 year warranty. 
  2.) Open box items are products that have been returned within the 14-day period and will have the linger of a 90 day limited warranty or whatever remains in the original 1 year warranty. They are inspected prior to being placed for re-sale and undergo a secondary inspection prior to shipping. The part number has a -OB suffix to denote open box. 
  3.) Used products are items that were traded in, inspected and deemed appropriate for resale. They have a 90-day limited warranty. . They are inspected prior to being placed for re-sale and undergo a secondary inspection prior to shipping. The part number has a U- prefix to denote a used computer. 

Student Discounts
We offer student pricing on the current lineup of Mac and iPad.  This can be applied when you pay curb-side/in store or by using a PromoCode online.
To obtain your promo-code, please email [email protected] and send us a picture of your student card.  Do let us know which item you are looking for as discounts vary by product type.

Web Orders
We usually have three steps:
1. Order received, you will get a confirmation of your order and a WEB number.  Please note this does not mean we have received payment, only that we have received your order.
2. Payment received (3 - 4 days after).  You will get a second notification once payment has been received. 
3. Once the warehouse prepares your order, you will get a third email stating your order has or will be shipping soon with a tracking number.

Why did my web order get canceled? What do I do now?
When using your credit card, your credit card company sets the money aside as an authorization hold, but your payment may not have been processed successfully and we have not received any funds on our end. So we want you to rest assured that you won't be charged for cancelled orders.

Some of the more common reasons this happens are because:
- you requested a cancelation
- your payment was declined by our payment processor (usually because shipping and billing addresses do not match)
- payment may have failed at PayBright's end

The payment you are seeing is a pending payment that will be automatically reversed by your bank in 3-4 business days.
If you believe this cancelation was an error, you can contact [email protected] and we will gladly set up a follow up call to follow up on this with you.  Alternatively, you may prefer to do curb-side pick up and pay in person when you pick up your order.

If you want to contact us or to reach one of our retail stores, please use the link below