Twelve South Curve Stand for MacBook

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You use the most attractive laptop in the world, so why wouldn't you pair it with the most beautiful stand? With MacBook accessories, design matters. When you use beautiful tools, the work you do also improves. That’s why you use a Mac, and that's why you should place Curve underneath it.

Curve is an elegant, flowing aluminum stand that complements the design of your MacBook. With its beautiful matte black finish and improved ergonomic design, it is the ultimate partnership of style and functionality. Use your MacBook on Curve to create a more comfortable desktop with your favorite external keyboard & mouse, or use the combo with an external display to create the perfect dual-screen setup. When it’s time to go mobile, unplug and roll out leaving a modern sculpture behind.

What does Curve do other MacBook stands don’t?
• Modern, minimal design complements & enhances your MacBook and workspace
• Elevates screen 6.5-inches and keeps 70% of the base exposed for optimal cooling
• Allows access to your MacBook screen lift for one-handed opening

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